Well, it started all with doom, didn't it? After creating some levels for Wolfenstein 3D I focused on the new amaziing 3D game, and so these levels have ben created: 
   My first 8 deathmach levels for Doom  Same 8 deathmach levels for Heretic  My last 6 deathmach levels for Doom  A special deathmach level for Heretic
    Quake had even better graphics than Doom. This time it was real 3D. And so I also tried to create levels for this game. But this time it was little more complicated, and so I searched for a real good and not to complicated editor. I've found Quark! 
    I also found a cool patch for the game called Team Fortress, where you can fight in teams against each others. And so I created levels for Team Fortress.  A four team one flag map for TF  A very big two team ctf map for TF  The first president quake map for TF  A very big normal deathmach map.
    Well, this game is even better than Quake. 

    My first Quake 2 Level:
    Deathmatch for 6 to 16 players.

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