Ok, you want to hear something about me, so here it is:
My Real name is Roger Soder. I was born in 1976. With 16 I began  an apprenticeship as electronics technician which's duration was four years. Afterwards I first had to do my 15 week military basic training. Every 20 year old swiss man which is in good health has to do this. There's no way around it. But it wasn't that hard like you always see it in this US military movies. But something good can be made out of everything, and so I meet there Christian Gloor aka Ancalagon. Go and visit his home page, he has some pictures showing him in military action. After the 15 weeks we started Mordor together. I also worked for a year as network and client supporter in the ABB. In November 1997 I quit my job and started studying computer sciences at the FHA Brugg/Windisch. And that's it for now.
Ah, well you want to now, where I got my nickname Glaurung from? Well, It's from J.R.R Tolkiens book "The Silmarills", a book about the pre-history of "The Lords of the Rings". Ok, that's enough.
It's now January 2010 and I've not update this page in over 10 Years. All I did was remove more and more of the outdated stuff. One day this page will probably be gone. Till then enjoy the very old things you can find here.